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About Us

IT industry in India is booming and we are taking this as an opportunity to educate students and help them get placed in the esteemed IT industry. We are a team of experienced IT individuals, we have had our share of experiences in different software courses and trainings, while working for the IT industry. We have researched the IT industry and found out the needs of an IT employee, thus we understand the needs of an IT trainee.

College education may be important but it is not always enough to get you a job. Training and specialization in a particular subject or software is important to be eligible for an interview and get placed in the IT industry. Technologies evolve every year and new topics get added to them. An existing employees needs training too in those advancements to survive in the ever demanding IT industry. We have understood the needs of a student as a beginner in the IT industry, and have designed the course accordingly."

"Training Methodology:

Training a student is not easy, a trainer needs to have inside-out knowledge of a training subject to be able to train a student properly. Our trainers have been trained by us to understand the needs of each and every student, to never miss a topic and assist every student during practical sessions.

To survive in the IT industry, practical knowledge is a must, and sometimes even more important than theoretical knowledge. Utmost care is provided to keep practical examples the most during classes. Theory classes will be one and half hour long accompanied directly with practical session for software exposure. Students are encouraged to practice more to have a better understanding of the practical aspects of a technology. "

"Why Should You Join Us?

No Compromise in quality of the training- The trainers are very well trained in his/her respective fields, they can handle both the theoretical and practical aspects of a course.

New and advanced topics covered- We keep track of the evolutions in the technological field, and regularly update our courses to cover training in those advancements.

Flexible Timings-Regular classes and practical sessions are conducted for students.

Placements Assistance- Students after completing their courses will have to attend mock-up interviews at our centre to build their confidence. We will help a trainee by clearing his doubts and preparing him for interviews."

Our Mentors

Vipin Jain

8 Years IT experience in Bangalore and Pune. He was associated with the companies like IBM.

Anshul Jain

8 years IT experience in Bangalore. Was associated with the companies like Wipro and Oracle.

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