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by : admin on 01-Aug-16

Websites are one the most important marketing tools where business can endorse the products or services they offer. Developing a website that is presentable but also functional is a combined effort from web developers and graphic designers. There are so many different issues, buttons, bugs layers, designs etc that need to be tested before the website goes live.

Finding the right Web Design Company that can get the job done and test all the bugs is the most important decision you need to make when delegating the job of creating a website.

Lets have a look at some common web programming mistakes:

Forgetting to open or close parenthesis

This is a very usual mistake to find as the PHP parser will display an error message due to the irregular number of brackets. But, this error becomes much more difficult to spot when is made more than once, spacing the codes uniformly can be the best solution to avoid any brackets mistakes.

Declaring functions and classes more than once

Another common mistake amongst programmers is declaring a class or a function more than once with script execution. An obvious solution to this problem is to use require_once() which ensures the declarations are only made once.

Misspelling variable name

Misspelling in programming languages is one of the most common programming mistakes that programmers make. In languages like PHP mistakes like these can go overlooked, since PHP most of the times do not warn about uninitialized variables.

Using an access modifier to declare a class

In PHP and another programming languages, a web developer can’t declare a class as private, public or declared as protected. But, a class should be always public, therefore adding an access modifier while declaring a class will cause error.

The list of errors can be endless; we have chosen some common web programming mistakes

1. Don’t use functions for making multiple changes

2. Forget to use ‘Strip Slashes’ functions to remove special characters

3. Do not use ‘Trim’ functions to remove blank spaces

4. Not validating the inputs

5. User Authorisation errors

6. Not been able to preserve SQL Query, Web page query and OS command structure

A professional web development company will always make sure their processes are in place and the websites its tested before it goes live, if your website has not been coded properly then you should start thinking of changing your web design company and find a reliable web developer that can get the job done properly in the first place

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